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Picking Your Pout with Lip Injections in Ottawa



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A young woman with beautiful, full lips, pulls her hair back from her face.

Discover What Lip Shape Suits You Best When Considering Lip Injections in Ottawa

Full, sensual lips are more desired among women these days. Thanks to the popularity celebrity selfies with big, pouty lips, fuller lips appear to be the new norm.

But sometimes these celebs over-do it with their lip enhancements, and end up with trout pout—a term used by cosmetic professionals to describe lips that are too big for the face. Lip enhancements should complement the face, not take away focus from other facial features.

If you’re considering lip injections, you can get your desired look without over-doing it. Opt for dermal fillers from trained professionals so you can enjoy a naturally-looking lip enhancement that is well-suited to your face.

Finding A Pout That Suits You

To avoid trout pout and over-doing lip enhancements in any way, the upper lip should only be enhanced to about 50 to 70% of the size of the bottom lip.

For a more natural look, aim to have an upper to lower lip ratio of 1:2. The surface area of the mouth should only be about 50% larger than the original mouth size. And the lips should only take up about 10% of the lower third of the face.

The ideal shape, structure, and volume of the lips will depend on your own unique facial features, including the length and width of your face and lips.

Consider the following popular pout styles you can achieve with lip injections to help you decide which lip shape suits you best.

The Classic

The Classic style is the most natural-looking lip enhancement. It is subtle while still providing definition around the lips. The Classic pout style is ideal for those who have thin lips, who have lost lip volume with age, and for those who want a subtle change.

The Rubina

The Rubina is a fuller pout that is only recommended for patients whose faces match specific guidelines. If you have enough length in your face from the bottom of the nose to the chin, this look could suit you.

The Cupid

This youthful lip form is very rare. It is a common lip shape found amongst pre-adolescent females.

The Pearlique

The Pearlique style accentuates the bottom lip, specifically the two teardrop shapes that form it. This style is isolated to the lower lip, providing a youthful, voluminous look. It can also be combined with other looks such as the Cupid and the Rubina.

The Hollywood

Commonly seen on TV and movie stars, the Hollywood attracts just enough attention to the lips without filling them out too much. This style specifically enhances the upper lip’s two tapering rhomboid shapes and the half bucket in the middle.

The Angelic

The Angelic is flattering for patients with narrow lip lengths since it elongates and shapes the upper lip with a full expression of the upper lip. It is called the Angelic because the upper lip is shaped like angel wings.

Consult with the experts in Botox and fillers to find the best look for you and your face. You can have fuller, sensual lips without worrying about over-doing it.