Eliminate Fine Lines and Excessive Redness with Laser Treatment

Are you frustrated with unsightly scars, fine line wrinkles, and excessive redness? These all-too-common issues can easily be treated with a variety of facial rejuvenation procedures.

Laser Genesis facials are especially effective at treating these common issues, and can dramatically improve uneven skin texture, oversized pores, and fine lines in the face. Best of all, these treatments are totally safe, and leave the skin looking visibly better with little to no downtime!

How it Works

Laser facials focus on gently heating the upper dermis, well below the surface of your skin. The heating action stimulates collagen growth, which restores the youthful fullness of your skin. This heating action is also what makes a laser facial (or Laser Genesis) such an effective rosacea treatment option. The heat generated by the laser is absorbed by dilated capillaries in the face, which helps reduce frustrating redness.

Treatment is totally non-invasive, safe, and discrete. Laser Genesis facial rejuvenation is a safe treatment for all skin types, regardless of tone or complexion, and can be performed year round.

What to Expect from Treatment

Individual treatments typically last between 20 and 45 minutes, depending on the target area. Laser Genesis treatments for facial rejuvenation are extremely common, but it’s also used to treat the chest, neck, or hands. On average, most patients need between four and six treatments to achieve optimal results.

All facial rejuvenation treatments are performed in a relaxed, comfortable environment. There’s no need for topical anesthetics or gels, either, and the most common side effect is minor redness that fades entirely within a few hours of treatment. Contact PearlMedicaMD for more information on the pros and cons of this treatment and what it can do for you.

Before and After Scarring


Before Laser Treatment
Before Facial Rejuvenation


After acial Rejuvenation
After Facial Rejuvenation
Before and After Redness


Before Excessive Redness Treatment
Before Redness


After Excessive Redness Treatment
After Redness