Groundbreaking Treatment for Better Skin

This innovative procedure improves skin texture, colour, and tone with carefully administered pulses of light at a comfortable energy level. Pulsed light can effectively reduce the appearance of age and sunspots, dramatically improve skin colour, tone, and texture, and reduce fine lines and large pores. Better skin is just a treatment away!

PearlMedicaMD was one of the first clinics in Ottawa to start using Limelight IPL treatment in 2003, and we’ve been offering it to our clients ever since.

How Limelight Works

Using non-invasive light treatment, Limelight (IPL) can be customized to treat different skin tones and textures, regardless of age. This results in an exceptionally effective skin rejuvenation with minimal discomfort, delivering the best results we can provide.

High-intensity pulses of various light wavelengths heat targeted areas of the skin, eliminating damaged cells and triggering the body’s healing response. Healthy new cells develop and the skin is rejuvenated, providing a lasting youthful look.


Discover Better Skin with IPL Treatment

If you’re looking for better skin quality, Limelight IPL treatment might be for you. Book an appointment today to discuss your options with the trained professionals at PearlMedicaMD and get started on your journey to beautiful skin.

Before and After of Facial Skin


Pre IPL Treatment


Before IPL Treatment
2 Days After Facial Skin Treatment
2 Days Post IPL
2 Days After IPL
4 Days After Facial Skin Treatment
4 Days Post IPL
4 Days After IPL
12 Days After Facial Skin Treatment
12 Days Post IPL
12 Days After IPL