Get the Rest You Need and Stop Snoring Today

One of out of every four people snores. More common to men than women, snoring worsens as we age. It’s socially disruptive at best, making family members and loved ones to lose sleep and causing them to resent the snorer. At worst, snoring can disrupt the snorer’s sleep patterns, or be an indicator of a greater medical issue.

Snoring Causes and Solutions

Snoring is typically caused by physical obstructions of normal breathing during sleep. This obstruction is generally the result of the muscles of the palate, the uvula, and even the tonsils relaxing during sleep. Normal breathing causes these relaxed muscles to vibrate like noisemakers as air moves across them. Excessive tissue in the back of the throat as it narrows into the airway can also play a role, as can a long palate or uvula.

Most snoring “cures” try and modify sleep behaviour, to varying degrees of success. Others focus on external factors, like limiting alcohol consumption or getting snorers to lose weight.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when loud snoring is interrupted by moments of completely obstructed breathing. Think of it like a kink in a hose; when the passage is obstructed, nothing gets through. In this case, the obstruction prevents actual breathing, which hopefully forces the suffering snoring to wake up. In many cases, it’s the sleeper’s partner waking them up when they hear a change in their breathing. Sleep, when it isn’t interrupted, tends to be lighter and less restful, causing problems in day-to-day life.

Laser Treatment Solutions

Thankfully, there is a permanent solution to snoring!

At PearlMedicaMD, Dr. Murphy is proud to offer laser treatment to help clients stop snoring. Much like a visit to the dentist’s office, patients are fully conscious, upright, and awake during treatment.

Treatment with Dr. Murphy starts with the application of a local anesthetic before laser trimming and shaping of the uvula. Treatments typically last around ten minutes, with a full course of two to five treatments spaced six weeks apart.
The multiple sessions reduce discomfort, and because it’s laser treatment, there is no bleeding or effect on speech. Patients get to return to their usual routine right away!

The best part? Laser treatment works. Patients usually report an immediate reduction in snoring, with a significant improvement following the second session. 85% of patients reported that they no longer snore, while 12% reported a significant reduction in the level of snoring.

Is laser treatment the right solution for your snoring? By booking a consultation with Dr. Murphy, you’ll get professional medical insight into what will and what won’t work for your individual case. Book an appointment today to get the silent nights you deserve!