PearlMedicaMD with Diana Murphy is my favorite. I’ve loved using various quality services — most recently Microdermabrasion — since her business was under a different name back in 2007. Experience and quality every time!

Dawn X.

Excellent service…I have been a customer for quite a while and they always treated me with kindness and professionalism. I look younger and I feel great.

Lise M.

This clinic is like no other, very friendly and understanding. The staff and owners will do what they can to help you to achieve your goals and make you feel better in your own skin.

Stephanie C.

I really like Diane. She’s very clear in how she explains treatment and how to care for it afterwards. The treatment wasn’t painful but it was very touchy… tender. Sort of like the snap from an elastic band. It’s only been three weeks since treatment on my leg veins and they’re healing quite well! I recommend PearlMedicaMD!

Deb G.

I recently went to PearlMedicaMD for a second treatment of spider veins and treatment of red spots on my skin. I had a first treatment about a year ago. Since I was extremely happy with the results, I had no hesitation to reschedule again this year. Many years ago, I did experience sclerotherapy for my spider veins. However, in my experience, I much prefer laser treatment because it is less painful, it did not cause any bruising, it does not require wearing compression stockings after the treatment and the results are better One session will allow for a lot of work to be done. Diana is a trained professional who is easy to talk to, dedicated and very pleasant. I would highly recommend laser therapy as well as the PearlMedicaMD clinic.

Joëlle L

Since my initial consultation, my experience with PearlMedicaMD has been nothing but positive. Diana really took her time to thoroughly explain the procedure, was honest in regards to results and possible discomfort, and took her time to properly prepare me for the aftercare – all in a warm and professional manner. I couldn’t ask for a better experience, and I highly recommend Diana and her team. Thank you!

Gaberalee M.