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A Look at What Works And What Doesn’t With Snoring Cures

Snoring is a frustratingly frequent problem that affects both snorers and their loved ones. Snoring is typically caused by physical obstructions while breathing. When the palate muscles (uvula), tonsils, or tissue at the back of the throat relax, they can vibrate when air passes over them. This results in, you guessed it, snoring. It can be hard to stop snoring, which too often results in bedroom evictions—some temporary, some longer-term.

While many snoring treatments focus on changing sleep behaviours and lifestyles, they often are ineffective in curing the snoring. For those who snore loudly or have serious snoring issues—such as obstructive sleep apnea—the lack of quality sleep for you and your loved ones can take its toll on your day-to-day lives. Sleep deprivation can lead to mental fog, moodiness, lowered immune systems, and illness.

So-Called “Cures”

You may be familiar with these “cures” to stop snoring that are advertised on TV and online. But beware! Their results are often dubious. Let’s take a quick look at some of the common “cures” that don’t make much of a difference:

Acupressure Rings

Supposedly, to stop snoring, a silver ring can be worn on the left pinky finger. This ring has two acupressure balls on its underside. These balls are meant to stimulate the heart meridian. While some people report that these rings reduced snoring by a bit, they are by no means a cure.

Chin-Up Strips

These sticky strips are meant to keep mouths shut, forcing snorers to breathe through their noses and thus stop snoring. But they have only been known to stop snoring by keeping users awake at night since they’re very uncomfortable.

Shock Bracelets

Imagine wearing a bracelet that gives you an electrical shock every time you snore or make any sound while sleeping, including coughing, sneezing, or hiccupping. These shock bracelets are meant to stop snoring by delivering a shock and somehow not waking up the user. Instead, they either don’t work at all or they wake up users multiple times throughout the night. Staying awake certainly helps stop snoring, but it doesn’t do much for sleep deprivation!

Throat Sprays and Oral Strips

These “cures” use herbal oils to lubricate the palate or tighten up the nasal membranes and palate to improve breathing and prevent the vibrations that cause snoring. While some users claimed these reduced snoring a bit, most kept snoring away, albeit with a nice smell in their airways.

Stop Snoring Effectively

Laser treatment is a snoring cure that does work, and is a quick and simple procedure. A doctor will apply a local anesthetic, and then trim and shape the uvula with a laser. By reducing the size of the uvula, laser treatment to stop snoring is an actual cure. No longer will breathing while sleeping vibrate the relaxed and oversized uvula, causing loud snoring. Patients have reported immediate reduction in snoring after the first treatments, while most patients (85%) report that they no longer snore once the treatment cycle is completed.

It is possible to stop snoring! By avoiding quick solutions and opting for proper treatment, you and your loved ones can get the rest you need and deserve.