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Easy Laser Vein Removal for Summer-Ready Skin



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Laser vein removal can help you get rid of pesky spider veins, just in time for summer weather and fashions!

Get Rid of Embarrassing Spider Veins With Non-Invasive Treatment

With summer just days away, it’s time to get out the shorts, skirts, dresses, and bathing suits. If you’ve got spider veins on your legs, though, you might be hesitant to bare your legs this summer. Although spider veins are very common, they’re often embarrassing for many, and affect self-confidence. Thankfully, there is an effective and non-invasive solution that removes these veins quickly! Laser vein removal is an effective treatment for spider veins that maximizes patient comfort.

Read on to learn more about how laser vein removal can help you get ready for summer:

Fast & Easy Treatment

Laser vein removal uses a focused laser to target the spider veins. Spider veins are dilated non-essential veins, which, when targeted by a laser, coagulate. They then break down and are reabsorbed into the body.

Laser vein removal takes a fraction of the time of a sclerotherapy treatment. Sclerotherapy injects a solution into the veins, and is often uncomfortable and time-consuming. The result of one laser treatment is equivalent to 6 to 8 sclerotherapy treatments! Since laser vein removal is simple, fast, and harmless, you can easily complete the treatment on your lunch break and head back to work after.

Boost Confidence

The obvious benefit to laser vein removal is that you won’t have to worry about those pesky spider veins on your legs afterwards. This can help boost your confidence when it comes time to wear summer clothes and bare your legs. Without having to worry about the veins anymore, you can go about enjoying your summer to the fullest!

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Being self-conscious about your appearance causes a lot of stress and anxiety. If you have spider veins, you may worry about going out in a summer dress or wearing a bathing suit at a friend’s pool party. Even though friends and family won’t judge your appearance, it can be tough to overcome that self-consciousness, and you won’t enjoy your experiences as much.

Laser vein removal can improve your self-confidence and reduce your stress and anxiety. Although it may seem trivial, you might be surprised at the difference one less anxiety makes. Reducing stress is also an excellent way to lower your blood pressure, so it’s worthwhile for both your mental and physical health!

Before you start feeling down about your spider veins, consult with your local laser vein removal clinic to benefit from this effective treatment. Come summer, your worries about spider veins will be behind you and you can fully enjoy your time in the beautiful weather.