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Make the Most of Laser Hair Removal



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Make the most of your laser hair removal treatment with these tips.

Tips to Get the Best Results From Your Treatment

Laser hair removal is an effective treatment option to remove pesky hair permanently. Whether on your face or body, you can prevent future hair growth and say goodbye to shaving after a course of treatments!

However, to make the most of your treatment, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Make sure to follow your doctor’s advice, and check out these tips to get the best results from your laser hair removal treatment:

Don’t Wax Or Pluck

Before and between treatment sessions, don’t wax or pluck hair in the treatment area. Laser hair removal targets the dark pigment (melanin) found in hair, so this pigment needs to be present during the treatment. If there are no dark hairs for the laser to target, then the treatment won’t be effective. However, you can still shave or trim before and between treatment sessions.

Don’t Tan Before Treatment (Or Six Weeks After)

The melanin that laser hair removal targets is the same as the melanin produced by tanning. That means, for optimal results, you should avoid sun exposure and tanning prior to your treatment. If your skin is tanned from UV rays, laser treatment could result in an uneven skin tone or blistering. Your skin will also be sensitive to UV rays after each session, so you doctor will recommend wearing sunscreen (a minimum of 30 SPF) while outside.

Do A Close Shave or Trim Prior To Treatment

The shorter your hair is, the easier the treatment will be. With the shortest hair possible—a close shave to the skin—the laser will be more concentrated and effective compared to treating longer hair. Also, longer hair during treatment poses a risk of burning the skin’s surface.

Light-Coloured Hair May Take More Work

Many lasers target darker melanin and pigments, so white, grey, blonde, and red hair may not respond properly to laser treatment. That’s not to say that you’ll see no results, but your doctor may recommend another option, such as electrolysis.

Follow A Consistent Treatment Schedule

To get the best results, don’t skip or delay your scheduled treatments. For facial hair, make sure to go for a treatment session every four to six weeks. For body hair, you should go every six to eight weeks until the treatments are finished.

Factors such as the thickness of your hair, its growth cycle, and the area treated will determine how many treatments you will need. Laser hair removal normally takes six to eight treatments to get the best results. For more information, contact your laser hair removal specialist for a consultation.