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How Laser Tattoo Removal Works



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For Those Considering Laser Tattoo Removal in Ottawa, Here Is a Look at the Process

Tattoos are a commitment of pride, self-expression, remembrance for a loved one, or nostalgia for days long passed. But sometimes, tattoos are no longer appealing for whatever reason and need to be covered up or removed. If you have a tattoo that you would like to remove or cover up, consider laser tattoo removal in Ottawa. With today’s technology, tattoos are not as permanent as we once thought. Laser tattoo removal will fade and eventually obliterate a tattoo so you can either replace the tattoo or restore your skin back to its natural appearance. For those interested in the process, here is a look at how laser tattoo removal works.

The Permanency of Tattoo Ink

For tattoos to last, tattoo ink is made up of heavy metal compounds—such as lead, copper, manganese, and sometimes even mercury. The introduction of these ink compounds into the body causes the immune system to start fighting with white blood cells that target and remove the ink particles. The white blood cells will absorb and transport ink particles to the liver to be excreted. However, many of the ink particles are too large to be absorbed. This process is responsible for the fading of tattoos over time, but since the larger ink particles cannot be removed by the white blood cells alone, tattoos are permanent without the help of laser removal.

Breaking Up Those Large Ink Particles

Laser tattoo removal breaks up ink particles so they are small enough for the white blood cells to remove. This is done through the process of photothermolysis—the same process that is used in laser hair removal. By using high heat and speed with a narrow frequency, the laser precisely targets a part of the ink particle, causing it to heat up quickly and expand. However, the precision of the laser leaves the other part of the ink particle cool so the hot and cool forces will end up breaking the ink particle apart.

Multiple Sessions

Laser tattoo removal is a process, often requiring several procedures to completely remove a tattoo. Although it won’t happen overnight, laser tattoo removal is often a source of relief for those who no longer wish to adorn ink on their bodies or would like to fade the tattoo enough so it can be covered up with another tattoo.

If you’re interested in removing or fading a tattoo, contact a laser tattoo removal clinic in Ottawa for more information about the process and to book a consultation.