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Why You Should Consider Microdermabrasion In Ottawa



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Microdermabrasion in Ottawa can help treat dull, aging, or scarred skin with medical-grade exfoliation.

Learn More About How This Exfoliating Treatment Can Improve Your Complexion

Frustrated with aged, dull-looking skin? Are other exfoliating treatments not quite getting the job done? If you’re looking for a facial treatment to improve your skin’s appearance, consider microdermabrasion in Ottawa. Medical microdermabrasion is an exfoliating treatment that improves the appearance of acne scars, fine lines, discolouration, and dullness.

For this treatment, your clinician uses a gently abrasive diamond-tipped applicator to remove the top-most layers of dead skin from your face. This exfoliation encourages skin growth and rejuvenation, and can even reduce pore size over time. Your skin will become softer as your complexion brightens and evens out.

But is microdermabrasion right for you? Here are a few reasons to consider this treatment option:

Do You Need to Cover Up Blemishes?

As we get older, acne scars from our teenage years—and adult years, if we’re ever so (un)lucky—can leave us embarrassed about our skin. Redness, discolouration, and large pores are other common skin issues that seem to never go away, no matter how strict our skin care routine is. This leaves many of us with no choice but to cover our blemishes with makeup, which can be inconvenient, costly, and tiresome. Microdermabrasion exfoliation presents a convenient treatment alternative!

It Doesn’t Hurt

While many people expect this intense exfoliating treatment to hurt, it might surprise you to learn that treatment is remarkably comfortable. The microdermabrasion applicator does scratch the skin, which many patients describe as a minor discomfort. You won’t have to schedule any downtime for recovery, either. It’s easy to complete treatment during a short 30 or 45-minute lunch break on a regular workday! Some patients report minor sensitivity following treatment, which typically passes within 24 hours.

Great for All Skin Types

Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, dark skin, or light skin, microdermabrasion is an effective treatment option. During your consultation with a professional clinician, discuss problem areas on your skin that you want to address. Your clinician will determine the best treatment plan for you, including the number of treatments required and after-care routines.

Noticeable Results

While your acne scars or discolouration may not disappear immediately after one treatment, your skin will be noticeably smoother and brighter. It takes time for the skin to rejuvenate, so be patient. Whether your treatment plan includes two or four treatments, you will notice results over time.

If you’re tired of covering up your skin and envying those with perfect complexions, consider microdermabrasion in Ottawa. After a few treatments, your skin will be smooth and glowing, and you can be proud of going out makeup free. Don’t let the embarrassment of your teenage years follow you into adulthood. Sure, acne can be persistent into our adult years, but the scars and blemishes don’t have to be.