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Lip Injections in Ottawa: What to Know Before You Go



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Lip injections Ottawa - what you need to know before you go.

Considering Lip Injections? Keep These Top Tips In Mind Before Treatment

Are you intrigued by the thought of having fuller lips? Lip injections are an increasingly popular treatment to add volume to your lips and give you that desired look.

Lip injections use dermal fillers, which consist of synthetic ingredients replicating naturally-occurring substances in our bodies—collagen and hyaluronic acid. Your doctor will decide on the best type for you depending on your desired look.

Whether you just want added volume, or you’d also like to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, or scarring around your mouth, speak with the experts of lip injections in Ottawa and consider the following tips.

Be Specific…

Go into your consultation with a well-thought-out description of the look you want. Don’t be afraid of giving too many details. The more specific and honest you are, the more satisfied you will be with the treatment.

You can choose from a range of results, from a subtle change to a completely noticeable difference. And if you’re not sure of what you want, start with subtle and build up from there in your next treatments. You can discuss a treatment plan with your doctor which will include the pace of your treatment. You may want a touch up for a bit of extra volume soon after, or a regularly spaced touch up in six months to a year. The length between visits will vary per person depending on individual metabolisms.

…But Don’t Bring a Photo

If there is a model or celebrity you’d like to shape your lips after, you’re better off describing this look to your doctor instead of bringing in a photo and saying you want those exact lips. Since each person’s facial features are different, you may not get the exact look of that celeb—or their lips simply won’t suit your face—and you could up feeling disappointed. Instead, let the pros do what is best suited for your mouth and face while keeping your desired look in mind.

Pre-Treatment Tips

For about a week prior to your treatment, avoid taking the following as they can thin the blood and lead to bruising following the injections:

  • Aspirin;
  • Aleve;
  • Motrin;
  • Multivitamins;
  • Fish oil; and,
  • Vitamin E.

During the Treatment

Prior to the injections, your doctor may apply a numbing gel or cream and an anesthetic. Your doctor will then mark the areas on your mouth to guide the injections. Very fine needles are used to carefully inject the dermal fillers, and the whole procedure will normally last about half an hour.


Following the lip injections, your doctor will place a cold pack on your lips to help reduce swelling. You may experience minor swelling, bruising, and tenderness, but these common side effects should disappear after a day or two.

You should be able to go back to your day-to-day activities following treatment, just make sure to avoid the following for a day or two:

  • Lip balm;
  • Lip stick;
  • Aspirin;
  • Hot beverages; and,
  • Drinking from a straw.

If you opt for lip injections from a trained professional, you should be happy with the results. But if for some reason you don’t like your new look, you can go back and have the treatment reversed.

Keep these tips in mind before going for professional lip injections in Ottawa. With the help of experienced professionals, you can have a flexible treatment that will give you those fuller sought after lips.